Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Late St. Patricks

Sorry these are posted late. I got watching a really good movie and forgot all about it. I know that there were some very impatient G. Aunties wanting to see his adorable St. Patrick's Day outfit, so I offer my apologies. Kevin 'wet' his outfit right before Daddy got home, but he already knew he would look adorable. We had green Fettucine with Brocolli and salad and Green jello (mmmmmm my favorite) Then we watched Take the Lead (very good movie I highly suggest it) Daddy fell alseep long before we were ready and so we fixed his lunch then drank some white milk in a green bottle. Hope everyone had a safe and green Holiday!! Love you all

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Mortensen Family said...

HOW CUTE!! I love your blog Bun!

That boy is just as happy and cute as they come!

Love ya tons, Emily