Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I love my Auntie Julie

Sorry it has taken so long to take pictures, but we have been trying. I would dress him up and get everything ready to take pictures and then he would have a blow out. We did that twice. This time I got everything ready and then
dressed him. We got a bunch of pictures before his face started to turn red and the distinct smell of 'Rotten Sweet Potatoes" started to blow through the air. But this is Kevin's favorite outfitt though. He loves Puppies more than anything else.
His favorite noise is barking. So here are your long awaited pictures. We love you Auntie Julie!!!!

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The Castle Cart said...

Now that's adorable. Thanks Aunt Julie for the fun present! You always send the cutest stuff. I'm afraid that when you get your own grandbabies the fun outfits will end for the great neice and nephews cuz you'll be spendin all your money, and then some, on your own grandbabies!!!!! YIKES!