Sunday, March 4, 2007

Playing at the Park

The day before Kevin went in for his surgery we decided to get him outside and let the fresh air boost his spirits and his health. It was a new experience for him and he seemed to enjoy it. With the fair and summer coming up, not to mention his extremely fair skin, we made an executive parental decision to get him out in the sun more often so he won't be so sensitive. While we were their our Jones and Villezcas cousins came to play with us. The kids enjoyed the beautiful weather and room to run.


Mortensen Family said...

HOORAY!! HOORAY!! I am so glad that you decided to hop aboard and join the wonderful world of blogging!!

You are doing a great job!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Love ya tons, Em

G Mac said...

I love reading Blogs and seeing the cute pictures!!! Keep up the good work.
I had my second Chemo yesterday and today I had the Neulasta shot and went to Physical Therapy. I am feeling pretty good now, just a little weak. Aunt GeraLynn is at the store picking up the groceries we need to become Vegans!!! We are reading a book that tells about a study that cutting out all animal fats or almost will speed and help with the chemo, making them much more effective. It is worth a try!!! I would love to be completely well by the middle of June!!!! Love to you all and kepp sending the blogs our way. Grandma Mac