Friday, March 30, 2007

Prince Charming Pageant

We saw an ad in the Progress for a Cinderella and Prince charming contest. We thought "Kevin has that won for sure" so we entered him and waited.

We went to the rehearsal and while the other babies cried,he smiled and laughed as usual.We got to the show early and Kevin waited in
anticipation, with his pressed clothes, spiked hair and sparkling eyes. He had just one shot to show the Judges his best stuff.
First the babies had 5 girls shove puppets in their faces.Not happy about being treated in such a demeaning manner Kevin
expressed it by not smiling at any of them.When we made it out to the runway he decided to stand his ground and pout,and he did.
I tried tickling him,bouncing him, throwing him in the air,but to no avail. He was determined.
Bodie on the other hand, loved the girls and their puppets and smiled at everyone with much pride. Needless to say he won "Prince Charming" and he deserved it.
Kevin did win awards for being the "Most Handsome" and for being the "Most Photogenic" (we had to turn in a picture of them when we registered them and the most photogenic was judged off of that).
So we may not have won the main Title but as Daddy pointed out he won the award (most handsome) that wasn't based on his mood at the time, just his plain old, everday, just like Daddy, good looks.


Mortensen Family said...

Too bad it wasn't a "Prince Chubbing" contest...He would've taken the cake for sure!!!! :)
Well I agree with the most handsome and most photogenic awards! GOOD JOB KEVIN!! And good job Kevin's Mom....that took some guts! We all think he is more charming than a prince anyhow!

Love you guys, Em

the two grandma's said...

Great Job Esther. You are brave to go out for something like that and I know you will do better next time. Kevin is our prince charming and we are proud of both of you! Lets hope the next one isnt at bed time and while he is teething. We love you!