Monday, March 26, 2007

(read in a deep voice) Kevin I am your Grandfather!!

Grandpa was entertaining Kevin on the floor when Kevin picked up our handy dandy white light saber and threw the red one to Grandpa and they started a nail biting duel!!
It went back and forth for hours. Sweat was dripping from their elbows, but they persisted.

Kevin managed to knock the red saber from Grandpas hands but before Kevin could make him say 'uncle' Jacob jumped to Grandpas rescue.

The long battle finally ended as a tie!


Mortensen Family said...

How Funny! That is one cute Grandpa with his little grandsons!

Love you all, Em

Moki said...

You should write children's books...did mom show you the application? I love your blog. Keep up the good work...then
I don't have to work so hard!!! HA-HA! Love Moki

grandma castle said...

I witnessed the very serious battle and Kevin was serious about winning he had that sword going a hunderd miles an hour, it was so funny. By the time Nick got the video camera the battle was over. So much fun to have Kevin at the castle, he is such a happy baby.
XXOO to our little prince.