Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brace Yourself! These pictures might turn your stomach

I have never had a perfect smile but I haven't ever really thought much of it. After we got married and I worked for the Orthodontist, I started to notice all the things that actually were wrong with my teeth. I've been telling Nick that I would like to get braces just to make myself happier with....myself.
Our insurance coverage for braces went up enough that we decided to go for it.

Nick sat beside me, asking tons of questions and taking pictures. He loved every moment.

His favorite part was the really bright blue light that has to shine on each Bracket for 20 seconds. You can only look at it through an orange screen or a camera. He took about 15 pictures of the light because he thought it was the coolest picture he's ever taken.

Here we are with all the brackets sealed and waiting for the wires.

And the final result!
My teeth hurt SOOOO bad. Aspirin didn't even take the edge off the pain and chewing even yogurt hurt! Like they say though "No pain, No gain" and I am all for gain!


The Castle Carrage said...

But where are the gross pictures? The ones I saw look just like you when your asleep down stairs...Just kidding, You certainly didn't need to get braces to look beautiful, because you were already beautiful. You couldn't help it, you take after mom! (You thought I was going to say me, huh...

The Castle Carrage said...

I didn't know Dad even read the blogs. Who knew? I think you are beautiful and I didn't even know you had crooked teeth? Maybe you could go to sleep and wake up in two weeks and the pain would be over? Wait, you're a mom now and no sleep for the weary!!! Sorry. Love Mom