Sunday, April 22, 2007

Clark County Fair '07

We had a blast at the Fair! The weather was windy, and cold, and windy, and hot, and windy but laying out on the grass, eating Fair food and playing with newly bought toys was a blast.
We had Kevin's carseat in his stroller so we could face him both ways mostly he liked to be up on his hands and knees watching everything. I was afraid he was going to push himself out

Nick found a game where you tried to kick a soccer ball through a basketball hoop size hole. He came really really really close, but didn't make it.

Kevin loved the Small animals and we had to tear him away from the bunnies!

Grandpa didn't have very much time but we managed to catch him for dinner.

Dad and Kevin having some more play time by the Tigers of India exibit.

Sometimes when Kevin didn't want to ride in his Stroller he would turn himself around and try to push himself out the back.

Bad weather, High priced items, sickening rides, tons of crafts, tigers, and shows equaled for a whole bunch of fun. We can't wait for next year.


Mortensen Family said...

That boy is soooooooooo cute! I love how he wants out of that stroller!! Look out....That is gonna be one busy toddler! :)

And ummmmm.....was that a beer bottle in the stroller cup carrier??!! ;)

Love you guys, Em

P.S. I love that hat on you!

Grandma Castle said...

Wyatt and I really wished we could have gone to the fair and got sick and fought the wind and weather and high prices, maybe next year? I have been waiting to buy a pair of very much needed sunglasses from the fair, so I will have to just break down and get some Wal-marts. Very cute post Bunny, keep them coming. One day, when I am home, I am going to find the base for Dad's digital camera and start my blog? Here's to good intentions! Hug my boy!

Moki said...

CUTE!CUTE!CUTE! You guys are so cute! Thanks for the new pictures. Love you

Jones Clan said... was Beer if you really have to know.....Root Beer that is! Nick kept his same bottle and kept refilling it. I refilled my cup with the very popular Texas Twister.