Monday, April 23, 2007

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy....

We went out to Echo Bay to feed the fish and we were shocked at what we saw.....
About a Gazillion and a half Carp. I have never seen so many carp all at once in my life. They were swimming on top of each other!!

Nick would put a whole slice of bread in is fist then stick it down in the water. They would suction their mouths over his fist. He Loved It!!

Kevin begged and begged to go in the water, but we thought it was too cold.

Finally we gave in and let him dip a couple toes in the water!
2 bags of bread - $4.00
Time spent driving out there - 30min.
Watcing Kevin giggle at the fish - Priceless!


Moki said...

Your postes are so cool...thats the same outfit we have Alex in when we went to feed the carp 2 years ago...maybe? Its so crazy to see our babies growing up! Love you

Grandma Castle said...

We need to have a play day with the 5 grandbabies and go feed the fish. Maybe the kids could wear their green matching fair outfits and I could take some shots?