Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sleeping Prince

Nick and I layed Kevin down in his crib then went into the bathroom to brush our teeth and get ready for bed. Most nights Kevin will fall asleep (whinning a little) before we come out.
This paticular night, after laying him down and going into the bathroom, we didn't hear any crying. We finished getting ready for bed and I walked over to check on Kevin and make sure he was covered up.

I almost fell to the floor I started to laugh so hard. I don't know how he was staying up or how it was even comfortable, but he was SOUND alseep.

Nick came out of the bathroom to see what I was laughing about and to shush me before I woke Kevin.

We grabbed the camera and took these pricless pictures, then layed him down Comfortably on his pillow. Nick and I chuckled every couple of minutes after just thinking of him laying there like that.


Moki said...

Poor baby..child abuse. What a cutie. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures! Love you guys

Mortensen Family said...

Woah, I am getting a kink in the neck just thinking about that!

That is absolutely sooooooo cute!

That boy has got some serious arm strength! ;)

Love ya like a good nights sleep, Em

Grandma Castle said...

Emily, spoken like a true mom who can only dream of a truely good nights sleep! Hugs to everyone.