Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Tortoise and the Hair!

Daddy got home from work and we had no Milk! so we got all ready and walked outside.

Kevin wasn't sure he liked our new visitor, because sitting outside was messing up his hair.

It was a HUGE Turtle! and he wasn't afraid of us at all.

We called Mom to see what to do when you find a Turtle. She said let it be so we watched it wander off.


Mom & Grandma said...

We used to have two tortis around out yard, it could be one of those. We brought them with us from Henderson. We used to mow a yard (Sam Pick) that had new babies every year and we had to watch careful not to mow them up. Fun to see him in the yard. Love the pick of mr. unhappy easter bunny. Very cute anyway. Love

Anonymous said...

Benjy is jealous. He wants to find a turtle! I just don't think he would be as nice to it as you guys were :) jk

Mortensen Family said...

I love that story! :)