Monday, April 9, 2007

What to do with a flock of Jones's

Our Jones cousins came down from Delta to visit, and our Jones cousins came up from Overton to visit also. With 7 kids and great weather we decided to go to the park.

Aunt Maria was the "Under Dog" champion and kept the kids entertained for quite a while. We had a few tears because there weren't enough swings by Aunt Mer, but they learned to share very quickly.

We also made Aunt Maria the "Bridge Jumping" champion too.

After so much playing the kids needed some nurishment, luckily Aunt Maria saved the day with everything the kids wanted.

Caiden and Kevin chilled in the shade for awhile with some yummy bisquits.

Soon they were ready for some more fun in the sun. The ball hit a few people in the face but no tears were shed because it was a whole lot of fun.

Pretty soon, more water was needed. Drinking so much water gave the kids a great idea!

Swimming!! With their favorite Aunt Maria.

Swimming was a lot of fun and luckily it wore the kids out enough that they were a little more calm the rest of the day.


The three grandmas said...

Looks like lots of fun. We always have a fun time checking up on whats new with the Jones. Keep up the great work.

Grandpa Castle said...

Great pictures all. I really, really like the one with the rabbit ears. I think I saw that E bunny in the road? as I was leaving to go to grandma's house...