Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We went 4-wheeling the other day with Grandma and Grandpa Castle and The Mortensen family. We left early in the morning so that we could get back before it got extremely hot!

We had been riding for awhile when we came upon this sign.

We talked for awhile but then finally decided that as long as we stayed on the trail we wouldn't get in trouble and if we did Grandpa would get the ticket because they were his 4-wheelers.

Kevin loved the ride but his favorite part of the entire day was Breakfast! While everyone else walked around looking at the scenery and finding cool rocks, Kevin guarded the cooler.

It turned into a long day and we didn't get back before the heat started to heat up but we all had a very good time.


Mortensen Family said...

Good Job Bun! It was so much fun to spend the morning with you. That Kevin is such a cutie! Thanks for doing such fun posts!

Love ya loads, Emily

Ry, Tam, and Fam said...

OK I just had to comment! Em's blog led me here and I got to looking around! What a cute family you have! That little boy oh what a doll! And I see what Em means about the talent of that Castle family! Oh my goodness that bathroom is so awesome! Would you like to come deorate my house! It could sure use some Castle family talent;) WOW!

Take Care, Tam

Grandma Castle said...

I can't wait for the trip to Emery when we can ride without heat. Maybe into the mountains near fish lake? Fun Fun day, thanks for getting up early. Love Mom