Sunday, May 27, 2007

New fiber paint!

For Mom Jones's birthday we gave her a "we owe you" a repainted bathroom. She decided on the colors and I thought of a design and when Nick and I had a weekend we got to work. I forgot my camera so there aren't any before pictures. It used to be all medium pink.

We painted the walls a very light orange (yes it's orange), the ceiling and one of the stripes is a medium orange and the other stripe is a bright orange.

Nobody thought it would look good. They kept saying "it looks nice". Even my own husband was doubting me for awhile but if I do say so myself (and they did to in the end) it looks very "nice".

On one of our breaks I looked over to see why Kevin was being so quiet. I hadn't really been watching him because he was on the floor in between Nick and Nate (they were both on the computer). I saw something brown sticking out of his mouth and thought hat he might have picked up a piece of dog food (the dogs carry the food from the bowl to somewhere on the floor in the living room and then eat it) Not too concerned I said, loud enough for Nick to hear and remove the 'dog food' "Kevin what do you have in your mouth?" Nick was very excited about whatever it was he was looking up and didnt hear me, so I got up. As I walked over Kevin sucked the rest of it into his mouth as I started to fish the brown thing out I realized it didn't feel like dog food. A little bit more concerned with what he might have found I held his head in one arm and dug around with my other hand. Finally I retrieved the imfamous 'brown thing'!

All viewers beware! I about hurled when I pulled it out of his mouth.


Mortensen Family said...

OKAY! I am totally impressed with your paint job! That looks soooo good! YOU ARE AMAZING!!

EEUUUWWWW about the roach! NOW you've got something super gross to out-boast the white face ball with! ;)

Keep up the fun posting!!

Love, Em

P.S. I love the Jones Weekly thoughts!

Grandpa Castle said...

Like Uncle like Nephew (or something like that).

The paint job looks awsume guys, now what about something easier like the pointy turret on the castle???

Moki said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the bathroom...hate the bug! Great job guys.