Monday, May 21, 2007

Quick Overview

This Mother's Day weekend Nick took some time off.

He hasn't taken an entire week off since he started the academy (January '06)

We thought Cory's wedding was at 9:am so we got there at 8:30 but we were too late, the wedding was at 8:20. We walked around the temple grounds and enjoyed the weather. (look close we're in the picture)

While we were up there we stopped by Hogle Zoo. Kevin wasn't interested in a lot of the animals but the Gorilla's he thought were very funny.

Aunt Bonnie Volunteers at the "This is the place" park on Mondays (1-5:pm) so we got there around 3 to walk around the park and visit her. Little did we know that the park closes at 2 and the only thing open is the ZCMI store where Aunt Bonnie worked. We stopped by the next day again but there were 6 different school buses there. We aren't deterred though, we're going to go back some time.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Jeff gave us some free tickets to the Living Planet Aquarium preview. It is a coll aquarium in like an old grocery store. They are earning money to build and open a HUGE aquarium. Kevin loved the big rainbow trout and the shark tank.
Although his absolute favorite was Splashing around in the Sting ray petting pond. (this is a video but I can't figure out how to get it to play)

Our last stop was Emery and Grandpa couldn't get enough of Kevin. Any little peep Kevin would make Grandpa would be right over there to make him happy. He sat on that swing with Kevin for almost an hour. The only way we got him to come in (still holding Kevin) was with the smell of dinner.
Even though we loved the weather and everything about Utah Kevin was sure glad to be on his way home to Grandma!


Mortensen Family said...

I am so bummed you guys missed out on This is the Place Park! When you DO get a chance to go, it definitely will not disappoint.

I love the picture of Kevin with Gpa Mort. SO CUTE!

Looks like you had a grand time. It is so fun to take a break from the "normal" once in a while.
Yet, it's always nice to get back!

Glad you're home safe and sound!

Love ya, Em

The Castle Carrage said...

And Grandma was glad to get her boy back!!!