Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We see your White face ball and raise you Bloody cut gums!

The other day Kevin was playing between mine and Nick's legs and the table by the piano. He was walking around the little area holding on to us and thinking he was very cool. All of the sudden he slipped and hit his mouth on the very edge of the table.
Blood immediately started dripping out of his mouth while he screamed. Nick got ice and a wet clothe and I rubbed numbing gel on his gums. He hated the towel and wouldn't let me sop up the blood so he swallowed more then I caught.
Since I was torturing him, he reached for Daddy. They stepped out n the porch (because thee was actually a really cool breeze)
He wouldn't even look at me (my heart was breaking) He just hung there, drooling blood and whimpering.
Soon he was back to his normal self. He split the little piece of skin that stretches from your gums to your upper lip and bit his upper lip too. He was very brave about it! Luckily(i think) it hasn't detoured him from still trying to walk around.


Mortensen Family said...

Maybe it's just me...but that doesn't even come close to being as gross as the white face ball!! In fact, I feel no squeamishness at all....ONLY SYMPATHY! ;)

Poor little guy. Wish babies could make it through early life without having to have their occasional bumps, cuts and bruises.

Glad he's okay!

Love ya tons, Em

P.S. Is that a little top tooth I spy?

Mortensen Family said...

Woah...hold up....make it 4 little top teeth I spy?! Kevin aka Jaws! :)

The Jones Clan said...

Bother of Kevin's bottom teeth came in at the same time and now he has Three of his top teeth showing and his gums look like one more is coming through.

The Castle Carrage said...

You can't keep a good baby down. He was back to his happy self in no time. What a fun fun baby. I love the full time access and only regret that I have been gone so much while Kevin is living here,I don't want to miss one minute, unless it is in the dark hours of the night.................then, well...................? Hugs and kissed grandma castle