Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Boy or a Girl?!?

My Friends Ashley and Benji are having their first baby in Novemeber. Will it be a Boy or will it be a Girl? That is the debate going on for the next 5 weeks. So just to make the next 5 weeks interesting I am opening the debate to everyone.

Click Here
to send your Vote and type "Boy" or "Girl" in the subject line. Don't be shy about voting, send it to all your friends, let everyone get in on the Boy or Girl Debate. Don't put it off because they will be finding out soon and the debate will be over.


Grandma Castle said...

I voted for a pink one since we always get blue. Fun Fun Fun.
Had a nice visit with Dad yesterday, he went over to the Shorrs and had dinner with us. Kathi is cooking out of the Mormon Diet Cook Book and she has made some pretty awsome stuff. We had a green been casarole yesterday that was delicious. I went to buy the book for Mom, but it is out of print. Kathi has the library copy and it is way over due! I finally wrestled it from her and I am making some copies of some pages today. I have a favor to ask Mom and I are coming home on Wednesday to stay for a couple of weeks so get the castle spit spot!!! Aunt Coleen is going to take Grandma until she leaves for Lake Powel. Mom is leaving for Minnesota with Kathi around the 2nd of July? Any way, I am excited to have Mom to my home, that will be the best of both worlds for me. See you soon Love Mom

Grandpa Castle said...

I'm thinking small, flesh to pinkish color skin, little hair, two arms and legs, two eyes (same color, one cute nose, and one extra heart...That extra one will be her daddy's, you know, the one she will steal immediatley with her one sweet smile!!! ...So what do I win when my ESP is proven right???

Hilton Herd said...

My guess is boy