Thursday, June 21, 2007

Congratulations to us!

We are brand new very proud Grandparents!
Yep that's right! We bred Tanner with a beautiful Red Dog and she had 5 very cute puppies. We got pick of the litter and we chose the one and only Dapple.
We are working on papers for the puppies so we can sell our Grandson as soon as he is ready. I know it sounds cold hearted but we need the money!!

We aren't completely heartless though because we think he is the cutest puppy ever!

If any of you want him we are definitely agreeable to giving a family deal (free). If you know any one who wants to buy him though, like I mentioned, we need the money :)


Mortensen Family said...

OH Cute! How does it feel to be a Grandma! are ONE of the youngest Grandma's I know!?!

I hope that someone nice (and wealthy) will adopt your eldest grandchild! ;0)

Love you Granny Bunny!

Hilton Herd said...

Awww I wish we could add another to our "herd" but we are full! Good luck finding a home, you shouldn't have any problem.
BTW-I changed the settings on my blog so anyone can comment.