Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Look what I can do!

I was sitting on the floor in the lving room playing with Kevin and talking on the phone. He was crawling around and playing with different things, pulling himself up to the table. I wasn't paying very close attention to him because there was nothing on the floor he could choke on or couldn't play with. I had closed the door to the basement so he couldn't fall down the stairs and he always crawls back to me to make sure i'm still there. All of the sudden I realized that he hadn't "checked in" for awhile. I looked around and couldn't see him so I stood up to see if he was on the other side of the counter, couch, or down the hall. When he wasn't any of those places my heart started to race a little bit. I couldn't think of where he could have gone with closed doors. I heard a noise, spun around and finally I saw him....

Yeterday he was standing up to the bottom basement stair and Nick said "here dude do this" and he lifted one leg and put Kevn's knee on the stair. I hurry and interjected "Do Not teach him to climb stairs yet!!!!" So Nick put Kevin's foot back on the floor and distracted him with toys.

Obviously that was the only teaching lesson Kevin needed.
Child gates are now in place and latched.

I'm sure it won't take very long however until he can just open those and climb through.


Mortensen Family said...

AH-OH! That is one BUSY little boy! Look on the bright side, by the time he is two...you will be in tip top shape, ready to run a marathon! ;)

He is just as cute as he is busy and smart!

Love ya lots, Em

Grandpa Castle said...

I can't wait until he see's Alexs' fhree-weerherr. Think your hands are full now =)