Thursday, July 12, 2007

3 Long Horned DEERS!!!

I was sitting in the basement, blogging away when I saw a shadow cross in front of the basement doors. I looked up but the "dark figure" had already passed. With my interest peaked I kept looking at the doors and all of the sudden two more long rectangular block things swept passed the basement doors. I ran up the stairs and out the front door and there were three long horned steers!
Animal control wasn't in the office so we called the police. The las vegas dispatch didn't really understand what we were calling about but they would let an officer know.
The officer showed up and asked us where the "Three long horned Deers were!" (you thought I mis-spelled the title didn't you). We explained that they were Steers and not Deers. He recognized the brand and called the owners. They herded them back in true cowboy fashion (without the horses) and our lives went back to normal.


Anonymous said...

we are looking at your blog from our motel and we are amazed at the contrast of the desert compared to the lush greenery we have been looking at for the past week! The beauty of HOME SWEET HOME??!!

Crazy cows in your yard! We also have trouble with that....often!! ;)

Love ya tons, Em

Grandma Castle said...

Those darn long horn steer's went into the pond to get a drink and broke the pipe that goes to the pump. Never a dull moment at the Castle. I am jealous of Bry and Em, I understand that it is raining back there in the green east.