Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The 3 Pintadores

We painted Don Luigi's Monday "Morning" 12:am so they wouldn't have to close shop for a day.
This was my main project. Mom overheaded it on I painted (for hours and hours) and Moki did some final touches.

We painted from 12:am-10:30am. We think it turned out really good considering we were half asleep!!
Visit Moki's blog or Mom's Blog for more Masterpieces.


The Castle Carrage said...

I'm saying it was 11am Love Mom

Mortensen Family said...

You gals are seriously amazing! And you are all die hards! I don't think Don Luigi could pay me enough to paint all night long. I don't think he would be satisfied with my stick figured drawings either! ;)

Hope you can get caught up on your lost sleep soon!

Love ya, Em