Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Guard Dog on Duty

The other day at work Nick and his partner for the day Cody were dipatched to a call. It's a long story so just to shorten it i'll say this. Circumstances made them HAVE to get into the house to check on the occupant. They jumped up on the block wall and yelled for the "Guard Dog" from the sign. Seeing nothing in the backyard they jumped down and yelled "Metro Police". Right then a dog started to run towards them. Since it wasn't Barking or Growling neither of them shot at the dog. The dog stopped in front of Nick, sniffed a couple times then snipped at his upper left thigh. Nick said he felt a pinch but that was it. The dog sniffed Cody a bit then walked to a tree and peed on it while staring at Nick. Deciding they should probably get out of there, they backed up to the wall and started to jump back over. The dog lifted it's head and opened it's mouth like it was barking but no sound was coming out. IT HAD BEEN DE-BARKED!!!!! Once he jumped back over the wall he saw his pants were torn and that his leg was bleeding. The picture above is two days after and looks a lot better than the first day. Nick said it was actually lucky that the Dog had been de-barked, because if it had been running towards him barking and growling he would have shot the dog. And I know you all are wondering this so I will answer: He will NOT walk with a limp!!


Rhude Girls said...

Nicky, that looks absolutely disgusting! :) Glad no physical therapy will be required.


The Castle Carrage said...

Eeewwww! I saw that when it was new and it was gross then too. It is a good story though! Tea cup poodle is what I hear?

Moki said...

It's a good thing those prostetic limbs look so real now a days...you can hardly tell it's fake! Hang in there, you'll get used to it! Love Moki and fam