Saturday, August 18, 2007

Refrigerater Radier

Just another day being a boy!

I know it has been over two weeks since I have blogged but A LOT of things have been going on and they haven't exactly been "picture worthy" I promise I will be blogging like normal starting Sunday!


Mortensen Family said...

If I didn't have a boy child of my own.....I would have to say your Kevin is THE cutest little boy in the world! But since I do, yours is a close second! ;)

I love the pictures, and I love that you are going to be back to bloggin soon!

Love you tons, Em

The Castle Carrage said...

I am already missing all the help I will have when you move to your new house and take Kevin with you. I love love love having Kevin here so that I can enjoy all the cute things he does everyday. What a toad. How will I do my chores in the morning with two hands? Who will ride my 4-wheeler with me every morning and each evening? Who will climb into the fridge everytime I open it? What will my water taste like without baby backwash??I am making my self sad just thinking about it. Kisses to Grandma's helper!!!