Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Singing in the rain!

We have been lovin' the rain recently. Kevin loves being outside and he loves to play in the water. So being able to go outside and have water always falling down was Heaven for him.

We have definitely been blessed to get this moisture and even more blessed to watch it unfold in such an amazing display.


The Castle Carrage said...

Cool pictures Bunny! I live here at the same house but hardly ever see you take these pictures, I see them on your blog. I am going to have to kidnap your lap top and look at all your pics. Kevin loves to go outside with me in the morning and we feed the animals and water things and swing or take a trip in Grandma's favorite Rhino, he really does love the watering the most. Little toadie Love Grandma

Duane and Meka said...

Hey that picture of the lightning is so cool, I love it. I also have enjoyed the rain we've been having, I hope more will come!

Mortensen Family said...

Wow Bun, you are quite the photographer yourself! I'm with Meka....that lightning picture is phenomenal! And that Kevin is adorable!

Your blog is looking super cool! GOOD JOB YOU CUTIE!!!

Love ya, Em