Sunday, August 26, 2007

Who needs a Puppy!!

So I was sitting at the computer while Kevin was playing on the floor, down the hall, through the bathroom doors and under Grandma's bed. I would glance over every once and a while to check, but he is a BIG BOY now and doesn't need to be watched very carefully..........or so I thought. Kevin crawled down the hall and out of my sight. All of the sudden I hear Water splashing and I can't figure out from where, so I got up to "Investigate"

  1. And I Caught the Culprit "BLUE HANDED"

Mom assured me that she had JUST cleaned the toilet that morning!!!


Gr Mac said...

Who??? Me, Mom??? I just wanted to help Grandma out. I thought if I just swished it around a little it would be easier to clean. He is sooooooo cute !!!!!!
Love, Gr Mac

The Castle Carrage said...

It looks like we watched longer than we did. Esther's new fancy smancy camera took those pictures pretty fast and I swooped in for the save. I had just cleaned the toilet, so it was mostly clean blue water. Kevin is adorable. I love having him so close, I get in on all the fun stuff. He will be one right away, Esther has sent out her adorable invitations, you will love it. She is very talented. Love Grandma Castle

Anonymous said...

So this is what I get to look forward to! I think I am going to need some help. JK. Kevin's a cutie and looks like tons of fun!


Mortensen Family said...

Ewwwwww. Myles did the EXACT same thing. Only our water was YELLOW! :(
I know Gma Castle's favorite color is yellow...but when it comes to toilet IS better!!!!

That boy is just as cute as he can be!

I agree with Gma Castle on the absolutely adorable b-day invitations! GOOD JOB BUN!