Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Kevin

I was getting ready to start working on Kevin's birthday cake when Nick came over and said he wanted to do it. I was shocked, and a little nervous but he sat there the whole time and made an awesome birthday cake.
We had a "Police target shoot" for the kids

Everyone got a turn. We definitely have some sharp shooters in the family.

I think I have a picture of his Daddy doing this with HIS gun too!!

Here is Nick's Masterpiece. It turned out perfect.

It took Kevin a little bit to "dig in" but once he did, it got all over.

The frosting got EVERYWHERE!
I was kind of sad to see all of Nicks hard work smeared, but it was for a good cause.
We are so grateful to everyone who came and helped us celebrate...
And for all the presents. Kevin couldn't figure out what to play with first. Luckily his cousins were there to help him.
Thank you to everyone who came and who helped.
A special thanks to Auntie Moki for taking all the pictures!!!!


Mortensen Family said...

Nick DID do a super job on that cake. Very cute!
Everything was so nice. Thanks for taking so much time to plan a fun evening for such a cute little guy and all of the rest of us!

Love ya tons, Em

The Castle Carrage said...

Grandma Castle sure love the little police prince. What a fun day and hard to beleive it has been a whole year!!! Hugs to the Birthday boy!

Hilton Herd said...

Esther how do you be so short and your baby be so not short! Can't believe he is already 1! Sorry we missed out, I would have enjoyed eating his cake right there along with him. I happen to love cakes that look like cop cars.

benjyandashley said...

The party looked like it was a blast! I am so sorry we missed it. I think Benjy would have liked playing with the toys just as much as the kids :) And I gotta say, I don't know if this is my pregnant belly or what, but that cake made my mouth water just looking at it!