Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reaching New Heights!

There are a couple of books stacked behind the chair and Kevin loves to sit on them and play with whatever toy he has at the time.
Ever since he started walking, he has started climbing EVERYTHING!!
I have to be careful whenever he is out of eyesight because if he is alone too long I never know what I will find him on top of!!
Grandma's table is one of his favorite things to stand on and throw things off of.
He stood in Grandma's window sill for 30-40 minutes, staring outside and talking to something. It is amazing how big he is getting so fast!!!


Hilton Herd said...

Yay finally an update! That kid has some neato halloween outfits! So good to see you last weekend too bad I got the time mixed up. Hmm not sure how I thought that now that I think of how I think I thought.

Mortensen Family said...

Cute Climbing Kevin! He is such a little sweetie! I love that you decided to FINALLY post!!! ;) Keep up the good work!

Love ya, Em

Anonymous said...

We have pictures of that little guy under the kitchen sink, on top of the kitchen step stool, on top of the kitchen table,up the spiral stairs, in the kitchen sink and always on top of Grandpa & Grandma's tall bed. That is why we have our kids when we are young so we can try to keep up with them. Oh and Kevin can get on the trampoline all by himself too. YIKES! Keep posting, love Mom