Monday, October 22, 2007

You can't keep a Curious Boy down!

So a lot of my post from now on will be about Kevin and what he has found to climb!
The other day we were all in the Kitchen and Kevin was playing. Grandma did something in the sink that caught his attention and up the stool he went.
Just standing there wasn't enough so he tried climbing in.
He couldn't get in by lifting on leg, so he curled his toes around the top of the Cabinet doors and pulled himself up.
He stood there for awhile trying to decide how to get IN the sink when he finally decided to just throw his upper body over the edge and in.
He was very proud of himself and talked and talked while throwing misc. things over the edge! What can I say?!? Isn't he so cute!?!


Mortensen Family said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Love, Em

Comeau Family said...

I gotta say, your kid is stinking hilarious!

Duane and Meka said...

aww yes he is soo stinkin cute and even cuter in person I must say! He seems to be pretty skilled in the climbing area as well which may lead to a lovely career as an... american gladiator? Or maybe a cop I guess

AnnDee said...

What a doll you two have. I love seeing him grow up on your blog!
Love ya.