Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween the Jones family went as.....
Construction Workers!
I bought three tool belts from the dollar store, borrowed a Bob Buildr hat from Alex and used our own white shirts and jeans.

Kevin looked SOOOOOO adorable walking around with his tool belt and his sagging pants.

We used his hat as his candy basket. We went to the trunk or treat right before it closed and most people were out of candy, but he got 5-6 pieces which were Plenty!!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!!

(sorry it's so late!)


Mortensen Family said...

That boy sure is an adorable little construction worker....Kevin, I mean! :)

Love ya, Em

Comeau Family said...

We totally approve of your fam's costumes (of course, we are biased)! You guys looked adorable. Hope everything is going great on your house.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this blog but never chimmed in. It was a very cute costume and we are so excited for the new construction of the house. Busy with windows and don't get to help much, but we are anxious to get in there when we can. We are proud of you and builders. Cute Cute pics. Love Grandma Castle

Anonymous said...

Hello...Holloween was two months ago, lets get some revisions going here, and BTW, how long does it take a foundation to dry? I hope they start the framing, electrical, plumbing, and wind-ripping roofing soon =)

Grandpa Castle