Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sleeping Angel

Over the last 4-6 weeks Kevin has been on again off again sick.
He coughed a couple times one day and it sounded a little like croup. We gave him some decongestant and put him to bed, but he woke up in the night coughing so hard he'd panic and stop breathing. We rushed him to the ER at 2:am and they gave him a shot.

After a couple days he got better but was really tired. He started coughing again the next week but it wasn't croup it was just a cold. So again we dosed him up did what we could but after about a week of off and on coughing his temperature spiked to 102.8.
Motrin and Tylenol wouldn't bring it down so into the ER in the middle of the night we went again. Both his ears were full of puss and he got another shot. He reacted badly to the antibiotic and had really bad diarrhea that blistered his butt.

So we took him into our Pediatrician and he said one ear was healed fine but he couldn't tell if the other ear was close to healing or starting up again. He gave us a different Antibiotic and told us if his fever spiked again over the next coupe days to fill it and watch his butt carefully. Also he told me that I couldn't "wipe" Kevin's butt anymore when I changed his diaper I had to wash him off every time, then rub neosporin on the parts that were bleeding, dab Mylanta on top of that and then Cornstarch on top of that.

We did that for almost a week with no signs of an ear infection and his butt getting better and better everyday. We are just crossing our fingers that our poor tired angel can get better and get back to his normal self.


Comeau Family said...

Poor little fella!! Hope he completely heals and get back to be the CUTE little ham he is. The sleeping pictures are adorable by the way.

G Mac said...

Poor little sweety. I am so sorry that he had to be sick for so long (I'm sorry for you too !!!) I am so excited to see you blogging again. I love to look at all of the blogs almost every night and am always excited to see something new. I hope you have a great holiday season. I am excited to see how much you have done on your house. (That is a hint.......)on your construction blog....

Mortensen Family said...

Poor Sweet Baby!
I'll keep my fingers (and my eyes) crossed, as well! :)

Hooray for an updated post!

Love, Em