Saturday, January 26, 2008

April Fools!!!

So.....after our big suprizing ultrasound, I was having some complications and I had to go to fetal specialist to get a check up. Luckily everything was normal and they did another ultrasound to check on the baby and placenta. We were telling the Technician how surprized we were when we found out we were having a girl.

She stopped and said.....


Nick,"It's not a girl is it?"

Tech,"I would say there is no way this could be a girl."

Nick,"I thought it was too good to be true."

We told her that the other technician said there were 3 distinct white lines which meant a girl. She told us that our other technician had been zoomed in too close and even on a boy you could see white lines. Nick sadly informed everyone of the change and I happily reminded him we had some shopping to do.

We returned the little dress ( a little teary eyed I think) and found the cutest little boys outfit to replace it. Nick is happy that everything is okay and Kevin and I are very excited for a baby brother. Our due date is the same: July 4th 2008, but we have chosen a different name: Wyatt Reynolds Jones.


Hilton Herd said...

Awww shucks! But a boy is good too, especially since they will be close in age and can play the same stuff together. Plus I think baby boy clothes are much cuter than girls, at least thats how it is with dog clothes.

Mortensen Family said...

whatever it is...I know one thing for will be completely and amazingly adorable!!!

I am thankful that all is well!

Love, Em

Britt said...

Whoa! I had no idea that you were pregnant! I pulled up your blog to see what was new cause I've started a blog too. I totally thought that something was wrong & your blog was somehow displaying an old post. So I had to check dates & was just totally taken aback once I figured it out. Good for you guys! That's exciting!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and the name works better for a boy anyway =)
Grandpa Castle