Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SLC Trip

Words cannot describe our trip to SLC so here are a few pictures.

Press Play on the Music!

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Mortensen Family said...

that was quite a winter wonderland.

have i ever told you that i absolutely hate driving in the snow...it's a deep rooted fear that i haven't come to grips with yet. :) i just know that at any given moment i will go off the side of the road and end up like that semi-truck...only much worse! i don't mind riding in the snow, as long as someone who isn't as scared as i am is behind the wheel. and i absolutely love the snow if you can watch it from inside while snuggled up with a good book on the couch...in front of the fireplace? Ya, that sounds fabulous!!

but enough about me...:)

those are some very fun/freezy pictures~

love ya tons, em