Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Toast to the New Year

New Year's the last couple of years has been rather un-normal. Since Nick and I have been together he has worked EVERY New Years (and had to wake up really early the next morning to work again) This year was a LITTLE different. He didn't have to work the Strip this Year because he had to be to work the next morning by 6:am. He got home around 8:30pm and we decided that since we were so lucky to have him home on New Year's Eve we were going to Celebrate New Year's.
Dad found a station covering New Year's Celebrations, so we grabbed some bubbly and watched all the Freezing people countdown to New Year's from our nice warm couches.

Kevin provided plenty of entertainment. We had front row tickets to the best concert of '07/'08 and we didn't even have to pay for them. Clapping and cheers of encore were all he needed.

Finally after a grand performance it was THAT TIME, 9:pm. Yes my friends we celebrated New Year's with all the New Yorkers. We made our New Years toast, shared kisses with our special someone and went promptly to bed right after.

This was the best New Year's, best entertainment, best company and best night's sleep I have had in several years.

And since this is the first "New Year's" Kevin didn't sleep through I'm sure he considers it the best he has ever had too!

May this New Year be the BEST you have ever had also!!


Mortensen Family said...

Cute Pictures. look fabulous! You've got that prego glow! And that first picture of Gramps is a classic! I cannot help but love that guy so much!!!

Little Kevin is looking so grown up.


Love ya tons, Em

The Castle Carrage said...

This was a fun new years. We love having your little family here and we really enjoyed the entertainment and company. Thanks for all the 2007 memories. So much has happened this year. Next year you will have a new little one. Happy New Year Jones Family
Love Mom and Dad