Friday, February 22, 2008

To the Greatest Great Grandma

I tried writing in my journal all the things I felt about Grandma and there just isn't enough time or enough paper to write down everything I would love to express about her. I just felt like I wasn't saying everything I should, to honor such a remarkable woman, so that people who read my journals later would understand the impact she had on my life and the lives around her. I found this poem and it seemed to pretty much say everything I remembered and felt and thought were the most important things to say. I put a couple of the pictures that Ben and I took at the funeral with it.

Grandchildren are Gods special gift
To let every grandma know
That the Lord has set aside a special prayer
For when you’re feeling low.

I’m not sure if I have all the words
But they came straight from Gods heart
To let each Grandma always know
They’re loved right from the start.

Dear Grandma when I awoke today
And saw that great big sun
I knew you put it in the sky
So we could go out and have some fun.

And when I heard the robins sing
And listened to their happy tune
I remembered how you sing me to sleep
I know now it's an angels tune.

And when I saw that yellow butterfly
Land upon my window sill
The beauty I saw in front of me
Reminded me of Grandma, I know it always will.

I got up then and knelt and prayed
To our Lord Jesus in the sky
I thanked Him for all these beautiful things
But I had one more prayer before I said goodbye.

Dear God, when you see Grandma
Make her an angel to keep me safe from harm
Then send her here to hold me
Because I feel safe inside her arms.


I love you Grandma and I know you are the most beautiful angel ever!

Poem by
~© Donald Hayes~


Anonymous said...

Wonderful tribute Bunny. It made my eyes get all sweaty. We are going to miss our Grandma, but what a wonderful reunion she is having now and what a wonderful one we will all have one day. Love you Mom

Viva los Villezcas said...

You truley have a talent for writing poems. Thanks for sharing...however, would you point me in the direction of the complaint department...I didn't need a dose of tears this morning! Love you, Moki

Anonymous said...

Bun, that was great, thanks for taking the time to put together in word and pictures what we all felt about (a) GreatGrandma...and Lady