Friday, March 28, 2008

2x the Easter fun!

I know I am a little late posting my Easter wishes to you all, but as I learned from a friends post (thanx Britt) it's better late than never.

Easter Morning Kevin and I got all dressed up in our Easter Sunday best and went to the Villezcas house for an Easter Egg hunt. Their long luscious green grass was perfect for Egg hunting.

This isn't Kevin's 1st Easter, but it is his first Easter where he could walk around and enjoy looking, finding and picking up eggs. This may be from a slightly biased point of view but I think he is the most adorable Easter Egg Hunter ever!!!!

I just followed him around and laughed because almost every time he put an egg in his basket another would fall out!! He would then turn around and "FIND" another egg right by him. He cycled through the same couple eggs in his basket for awhile.

After church Kevin and I drove in with Grandpa Jones to the Jones house (nate and kelli that is). Where we got to participate in more Easter activities. This time, and actually the first time, Daddy got to join!!

Nick was amazed at how Kevin seemed to know exactly what to do! He would look around, find an egg and go running over to it with squeals of delight. I think Daddy had just about as much fun finding the eggs and pointing them out.

Funny thing is, Lacey stole Kevin's ears, Kevin stole Caiden's basket and Caiden stole Kevin's basket. They all seemed to be much happier "hunting" with somebody elses something. Oh and the cute outfit is compliments of Grandma and Grandpa Castle. THANKS!!

All in all it was a wonderful Easter! We had time to reflect about the sacredness of the holiday, but we were also able to spend some really fun quality family time together. We got to see tons of cousins, all our Grandparents and Daddy (big deal for us!!!) all in one day!!!

Thank you everyone for letting us come to your homes and join in the Easter fun. We had a simply wonderful day!


Emily said...

That is one cute little 'bunny boy'.

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Very cute Easter pictures and movies. That was a fun day. Love Grandma Castle

Meka said...

Oh my heck where did you find that cute cop car basket?? The video was so cute, he knew exactly what to do. Nice egg hunting skills Kevin.

Brittany & Gary said...

Oh my, I absolutely loved the first video with Kevin's bunny ears. Your little boy is adorable! I laughed when Kevin "found" another egg. Thanks for sharing that ultra-cute video!