Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to me!!

I totally got spoiled for my birthday. I also received my gifts over a 3 week period, so it was almost like having a birthday every week for 3 weeks!!!!!

I got this adorable Maternity shirt. My Dr. loved it so much she made me call back into her office with the web address. It is just incase any other pregos want to purchase something for themselves........or this Prego always takes Maternity Donations!!!!!

This foot,leg and tummy cream smells soooo yummy and it makes my muscles feel a ton better!! Nick is NOT a night person, so it is really hard for him when I beg for a foot rub before bed, but he has been really, really, really good to do it.

I have started writing in a beautiful Journal, for Kevin, that I received at a party. I've also started one for Wyatt, on a misc notepad, but didn't have a really nice Journal to keep my entries in. Luckily I received this beautiful Blue one for my birthday. I know I should probably write in one for me.......but i'm not as interesting as two growing boys!!

Since I have been pregnant my fingernails have been growing fast and strong and I hate it when they break, I chew them and then I have to start all over again. So my wonderful Mother-in-law gave me money to go get them "done". You can't see in the picture but the white has really pretty glitter in it. I love 'em!!

The little video clips on or blog recently have been thanks to this B-day gift. It stores 30min. of film and plugs directly into your computer to download without any strings to keep track of. Nick and I have a really nice video camera but it isn't digital. This is small and handy to just take some quick snap shots for the blog.

I am also posting this Birthday post on my new Flat Screen Monitor!! I'm still getting used to how BIG (wide not thick) it is and the amazing color difference. I takes up alot less room though and Mom is very grateful for that.
Last but certainly not least....My Amazingly wonderful Mother-in-law sent to to get my hair done also (Kelsie's Kasa). I have been bleaching it at home for awhile to hide my grow in, but it has been over a year since I have gotten in professionally done. I asked Nick for a week how he wanted it done and he would always say...."Let me think about it" I thought he would tell me to add some blonde or go dark again with highlights. I was shocked when he finally decided and said......"Short. I want it short" So I did.
He thinks it's the hottest hair cut ever!! And I like it too. And for those of you who know my Dad and how anti short hair he is....He said it was "Cute". Come to find out after cutting 8 or 9 inches off, I have Naturally CURLY HAIR!!! If I scrunch after the shower it curls pretty cute.
Thank you to everyone for Totally Spoiling me Rotten it was GREAT!!!!!!!


Emily said...

Bun, I have one word to say about your new hair cut...


I used to be in mourning because I don't have thick enough hair to grow it out long and beautiful.
But I have come to terms with it, and I am diggin' the short 'do's!

Your the cutest ol' prego gal on the block!;)

Love ya tons~

Emily said...

P.S. You, my dear, have a perfect profile!


That's all.

The Comeau Family said...

Holy smokes, you got a ton of really nice stuff. And I love the hair. I told my mom that I wish Kelsie could do my hair everyday. She does AMAZING stuff. Happy B-day Chica!