Monday, March 10, 2008

Lights Out!

I know it's been awhile since our vally wide "blackout" but I had a couple pictures I wanted to throw on.

I was downstairs and had just flipped off the bathroom lights when everything went black. First I thought "what did I do?" Then I thought, "I need light, FAST!!!!" I have a really good imagination and I scare myself in the dark within seconds.

I made it up stairs and lit EVERY candle I could find (flashlights didn't have batteries). About 10 different smells floated around the room (it was kind of sickening) and 30-40 tea candles made a nice glow. Kevin was sleeping upstairs, so I went and got him so he wouldn't "be afraid" haha (more like I am a chicken and didn't want to be by myself)

Nick got home and found batteries for 1 flashlight. Kevin loved playing with it and thought everything was really fun!! He was very dissapointed when all the lights came back on, his Mother however KEPT every light on until Nick complained he was having a hard time going to sleep!! Let's hope that was our annual "blackout" and I have 11 months to stock up on flashlights that don't need batteries and a TON of candles!!


Emily said...

I love that story.

Thank goodness for electricity.
We would be so power-less without it! ;)

Love ya tons

The Jones Station Wagon said...

Now where was I? I can't remember? Fun pictures. Love Mom