Friday, March 21, 2008

You had to be there!

Okay, so this is probably one of those "You had to be there" stories to think it's funny, but I am still chuckling so I just have to share it.
Mom and I had gotten back from working on the house and were starving. A lot of things sounded good but were too difficult to make in our exhausted state, so we decided on Tuna Sandwiches. Quick, simple, delicious.
My absolute favorite Pampered Chef product is this $4.00 can strainer. It fits over cans of green beans, corn, etc and it the perfect strainer so you don't have to shove the lid down in and try to pull it out again. Well with Tuna you flip the strainer upside down and it fits inside the can and you can kind of smash the juice out.
So I was bragging to Mom how easy it was and everyone should have one while she was following my instructions when she said
"How do you get it back out?"
"It comes right back out" I replied.
"Well it seems to be stuck"
Teasingly I said "You weren't supposed to squeeze that hard. The tuna is still supposed to have some juice in it."
"I didn't squeeze it hard at all" she chuckled.
So both Mom and I pull and pull to get this "easy" strainer out of the can. I can't remember all the things we said while pulling on it but we were hilarious at the time. Nick was downstairs so down I went to implore the man of the house to get us out this situation we were "stuck" in.
Nick looks at the can and figuring it would be rather simple gives it a small tug.....nothing happens. Surprised by the amazing grip the can seems to have on the poor strainer he pulls harder.....again nothing happens. Not wanting to be out done by a tiny can of Tuna he puts all his muscle into it and.......Pop! breaks one of the little handles. He promptly handed the strainer back to me and turned full attention back to his game.
Dejected I walked back upstairs and told Mom about our defeat.
"Well I don't want to just waste this can of Tuna and throw away the strainer" she said.
We made several more "in the moment" jokes and Mom set to work trying to pry the little plastic strainer from the tiny tin can. Finally after several minutes the can started to give and we were able to free the strainer.
Our Quick, simple delicious dinner turned into quite the ordeal, but the reward of laughter and yummy food was worth it. Like I said this light be a "you had to be there" story, but I just had to share!!


Meka Hilton said...

Good thing you didn't demonstrate that product at one of those parties and have that happen, now that would have been funny! Good story, very entertaining. Your writing skills do make up for math issue. :)

Emily said...

So how did you finally get it off....use the can opener on the bottom side? The suspense in killin' me!

Funny story...I'm with Meka would've been REALLY funny if it had happened at a party. Not really funny "ha, ha" ~ but really funny "ahhhhh".

Love ya lotsa!

Emily said...

Silly me, I re-read the story and finally digested the part about "after several minutes the can started to give....."

My insomnia must be killing my brain cells! :)

GOod Job Gals!

Anonymous said...

I had to take a knife and pry it off one quarter of an inch at a time. Most tuna cans work but this one was just a tad smaller and the thing just stuck. Esther acused me of just using my muscles to jam it down on, but it just did it all by itself. It was a funny story at the time. Love Grandma Castle