Wednesday, April 30, 2008

4-wheelin or Mud Boggin'

Grandma and Grandpa came down for the weekend so we decided to go 4-wheelin.

Everything started out great.

The kids took turns riding on the bikes and riding in the Rhino.

We were all having a great time splashing through the water and enjoying the scenery.

Dad was blazing the trail and found him self a little island.

Unfortunately it was a little deeper drop off than he though it was going to be.

Fortunately it wasn't that hard to get unstuck.

Moki wasn't as lucky!!

Not to be outdone Mom found herself a nice mud puddle and drove in.

It was ALOT harder to get her out!!!

Dad jumped in the water....

Moki and Arthur jumped in the water....

And more than an hour, three ropes and several "it sucks to be me right now" jokes later, we were able to pull the Rhino free.

Grandma and Grandpa may not have had a great time sitting there watching us get ourselves stuck and un-stuck all day.

But the scenery really was beautiful and the memories are definitely priceless.

Stay tuned for our second day of 4-wheelin adventure with G&G


Emily said...

Bunny girl,

I have got to tell you...your photo taking skillz are fabulous! You are becoming quite the professional!! Pretty soon I'm gonna be frequenting the Esther Jones Photography Web Site, and lovin' every minute of it.

As for the 4 wheelin' and mud boggin'~ I would love to say I'm sorry I missed out on all the fun...but that wouldn't be entirely true! I am more of a stick to asphalt trails - kinda gal! :)
You guys are all troopers....especially Arthur and Moki for goin' in thigh deep!

You guys are so funny!

Love ya lots!

Emily said...


I love the last picture of Grandpa and Grandma's faces... absolutely perfect!:)

Anonymous said...

This trip was so much fun, Dad seemed to like the getting stuck the best. Kevin and I take a ride at least one time a day if not more and he usually crys when we have to get off and come in the house, only an all day ride is enough for my motorcycle buddy. Jacob and Alex are the same when they are here at the Castle. Fun Blog, Fun Pics Love Grandma Castle