Sunday, April 27, 2008

Clark County Fair

So we were very surprised this year by Kevin at the Fair. He LOVES to ride the Rhino with Grandma everyday. He will sit in the seat all by himself, going up and down hills, without blinking an eye. Naturally we thought that he would LOVE carnival rides, that go up and down, like a Rhino. So both he and Daddy got their hands stamped and waited in the first line

Well he hated it. He cried the entire time he sat there. We thought "maybe when it starts moving". That just made him cry harder!!!! We were sooo shocked that our 4-wheelin addict didn't even remotely like carnival rides.

He DID go on the Merry go Round several times WITH Daddy right there holding him. But Daddy didn't want to stand there all day.

So mostly he sat there happily with Grandma, Grandpa and Daddy watching Alex and Jacob go on rides.

FINALLY, after an entire day of watching Alex and Jacob (and Lacey and Caiden when they got there) and only clinging to Daddy on the Merry go Round, Daddy asked Kevin for the millionth time if he wanted to ride. He said "Yes"!!!!! So Daddy threw him over the fence to Uncle Nate, Uncle Nate buckled him in and the ride took off. He had a blast!!!! He would cry the instant the ride stopped until Daddy got him out, then he would turn and face the ride and point and wanted to go again!!!!

After that one ride we couldn't keep him off. He went over and over. I thought this picture was funny. Kevin and Caiden were sitting in the front playing when a Dad came and put his little boy all the way in the back of the truck. Like they had timed it Kevin and Caiden both turned around and gave him a "what are you doing in my car" look!!! They stared him down until the ride started. If only they had been in a Police car the picture would be perfect. Like Fathers, like Sons.

Another shocker for us that day was when we went in the small animals building. Kevin loves animals, but he would NOT touch a single one!!! He would rip his arm back and yell "No" anytime Daddy tried to get him to touch something. Just when you think you know your kids, they go pull a 180!!!!

All in all I think that the Clark County Fair '08 was a very big success!!

There is a game I love to play. It is really silly and it is a total waste of 5 bucks but I figure that's what you do at a fair, waste some money for fun. Anyways, Kevin really liked it too. He loved putting the coin in the slot and watching it fall. Well the lady running the game fell in love with Kevin. She hovered over him and anytime his coin landed on top of another coin she would fix it and put down more coins so things would fall out for him. We played there for more than an hour and Kevin (and the lady) had the time of their lives!!


Anonymous said...

Dad and I always spend our anniversary at the fair and love it!!! The best part is watching the babies ride the rides or not, see the animals, watch the pig races, eat fair food and spending time with our kids. This year the wagon with the chairs was a life saver for the old folks with feet troubles. The babies took turns sleeping in the wagon. Last year we couldn't go because of the health of our parents, who knows what another year will bring. I know Esther and Nick will have a 10 month old Wyatt, I better get busy looking for matching clothes for Grandpa and the kids. I already broke my sunglasses, I don't think they will last until fair time next year. Fun fun fun pictures,what a cutie patootie. Love Grandma Castle

Fundomer & JoJo said...

My kids sure had fun hanging out with your family. Thanks for letting us tag along!!