Thursday, April 3, 2008

The MAN Show!

Alright. So the other day when we were at Nate & Kelli's we decided to order pizza and "mild" chicken wings. When the food arrived the boys opened each box, drooling over the food. When they opened the Chicken Wings they both started to cough because the smell was soo strong. Being boys they dared each other to take a big whiff of the wings. Being "men" they both did it..............

What would we do without our guys!?!?! So here is a challenge to all my devote blog readers. The Jones Family hereby dares anyone to take a whiff of "Mild" chicken wings and post it on their Blog to show their "Manliness"

Happy Whiffing!


Rhude Girls said...

Ya big dorks!! Leave it to my brothers to gag on their food, BEFORE they even eat it...Do they really pay you two to carry guns???
Love ya both, SIS

Emily said...

I played the one of Nick for my kids about 20 times. They just laughed and laughed and kept saying "one more time, mom".

Thanks for the Saturday evening entertainment! ;)

Love ya lots!