Friday, April 4, 2008

Monster Jam

Last Saturday we had the chance to go into Vegas and wander around the Monster Jam held at Sam Boyd Stadium. We had never gone before and didn't even know it existed, until Nick was driving by it on his way to work and told me we should take Kevin. We hopped in the van with Auntie Moki and the boys and went to check it out.
Kevin had a BLAST!!

He loved riding around in the stroller checking everything out at first.

Then he wanted to get out of the stroller and watch these "mini" remote controlled monster trucks that they had ramping, jumping and flipping.

Several times during the day a ton of balloons were just set free and floated away in the breeze. He would always see 'em and just stare and say "ba oon".

He was very brave and every driver we walked up to he would take off his hat and hand it to them. He would then talk to them about who knows what while they signed it, then he would do a victory dance when they handed it back. All the drivers were smitten with him. We got well over a dozen signatures on his little hat!

He didn't like when some of the trucks would start up and rev their engines, but he DID love running around all of them, pointing, talking, laughing and just enjoying 'em.

Nick decided that we will most DEFINITELY be doing it again next year!


Anonymous said...

I bet that was fun. Except the walking around part. Who can resist those big blue eyes and dimple? Love you Mom

The Comeau Family said...

That looked like it was so much fun! Kevin is getting so big. You can tell he had a blast.

Brittany & Gary said...

Oh my, Gary & I loved Kevin's little victory dance. The ba oon picture is my fav though. I'm having to resist urges to print that pic out real big & slap it on my wall for daily viewing. I don't think I can handle you having another cute kid!