Saturday, June 14, 2008


We are so blessed that Kevin LOVES babies. He asks to hold the baby several times a day and always tells us when the baby is crying (very helpful).

Most of the time he is more interested in playing Monster Trucks than in the baby, but he does come over now and again to give the baby kisses.
It is really hard for me to get it through my thick skull that Kevin is no longer "the baby" He is such a big boy now, but he is still so young.
I'm just so happy that Kevin thinks this baby is funny and not "invading". He loves to point out Wyatt's toes, nose, head and fingers, then point to them on himself.

We have been really good about letting him hold or see Wyatt whenever he wants. The baby is never off limits to him and I think it has helped.

Grandma Jones has been here to help and Kevin has been in heaven with 3 Grandparents here that just pay total attention to him and laugh at everything he does. They may be holding the baby, but they are laughing at him and he loves it.

I am so blessed! Kevin is such a good boy and Wyatt is healthy and happy. What more could any Mother ask for!!!!


Meka said...

Yay for the early baby! I am glad everything went so well. Can you post a picture of Kevin when he was a newborn? I want to see how different/similar they look. What do you think? Kevin looks like a good big brother. Are you guys in your house yet? We drove by a few weeks ago and it looks really close to being done, at least on the outside. Well have fun, try to sleep a little.

Anonymous said...

What fun pictures !!! Is Wyatt going to have darker skin?? He really makes Kevin look pale. Wyatt definately is going to be more Mortensen !!! How fun to have both sides of the family represented. I can't wait to get some squeezes on both boys !!!! See you in July. Loves, G Mac

Anonymous said...

Cute Blob Bunny! Lovin those babies! Love Mom