Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hospital Stay #2

So we went in for our "couple day" check-up and Wyatt's bilirubin was at an 18 in the Pediatrician's office. That was kind of high so they sent us to Quest to get a blood test to see a TRUE reading. If it came back 15 or greater we would have to go to the hospital for treatment. Well it came back 22.3 out of 28, so to the hospital we went.
We were sent up to the Peds ward in the hospital and told to find the nurses desk. Well there was a nurse coming down the hallway towards us so....
I ask "Where is the nurses desk?"
"Is this the Bilirubin?" she asked back
"Yes" I replied
"No" Nick said, "This is Wyatt Jones"
The Nurse gave him a strange look and I started to laugh. He thought she was asking if the baby was named "Billie Reuben"

They took blood and got him all hooked up and put him in the little isolet. Well they paste these little round white Velcro things on his temples then put these clothe "Sunglasses" on to protect his eyes.

After he had been in there for a couple hours we took him out to feed him and took his "sunglasses" off. You can't see it really good but if you look close you can see where his sunglasses have been because his skin is more yellow! It showed up REALLY GOOD in the hospital. It was pretty funny.
He was a very good boy the whole time. He hardly cried when they would draw blood every 6 hours, and his "Billie Reuben" came down very fast. We were given the "OK" from the Hospital Pediatrician to go home after 24 hours.
We are home and doing great. I am a little sore from getting up and around too much but I am doing SO MUCH BETTER than I was after Kevin was born and I am grateful everyday for that. We are still keeping Wyatt in the sun to make sure we don't have to go back in and it seems to be working. He is a very good baby and we are very happy to have him.


Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad that he if doing better. I loved the pictures!!!!!
Can't wait to see him in person. He is definately a little Mortensen. I can't wait to get my turn holding him. Love, G Mac

Anonymous said...

Well I have had a wonderful time holding him and he is a beautiful baby. Today Esther and Nick's house passed inspection and they can start moving in as soon as the appraisal is done. They are going for the final PKU today and then for blinds and lightbulbs. We are going to miss our mornings in grandma castle's bed watching Curious George and holding the baby. So excited for the new house. Nick and Esther has really done a great job. Congratulations!!! Grandma Castle

The Comeau Family said...

We are glad Wyatt is doing better! His pictures are so cute. He doesn't even look like a new born, more like a really tiny man :)

Fundomer & JoJo said...

We are SO glad that he is doing better! That is a scary thing. But he looks so cute! We can't wait to get to see him. We were pretty bummed when we had to cancel our visit so you could go to the hospital. But again, we are just happy that he is doing better. I love that picture with the glasses and his tongue sticking out! You definately have a keeper!! We love you guys!
Oh yeah... CONGRATULATIONS on passing your final inspection! I am jealous! but happy for you! :)

Brittany & Gary said...

I think it's so funny that they actually put a little picture of sunglasses on the cloth eye cover! They could just as easily left it blank, but they knew those babies have a sense of fashion. Haha! Your little boy is so beautiful. When I held him the other day you're lucky I didn't gobble him right up! Oh & congrats on your house! I know you guys have been waiting a long time for this. I hope things contintue running smoothly.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I am so happy to hear he's doing better now. That can be a scary thing. Your stories and pictures crack me up. I love them. I can't wait to come see him in person, oh and you too(hehe). Congratulations on your finished home. You guys have worked so hard and it is a beautiful home. (ok, so I haven't seen it totally done, but most of the way and it was fabulous then). I am happy all is well, and I hope they stay that way.