Friday, June 13, 2008

Wyatt Reynolds Jones


Yes it is a little 25 days, but he is here and very healthy.
I went in for my 36 week check-up Monday the 9th and the baby had already dropped and I was dilated to a 4. I started having off and on contractions after leaving the Dr.'s and finally Tuesday around 9:pm told Nick "We're going in"
When we arrived the nurse said my contractions weren't consistent and that I was only 36 and 5 so not being term (37) my Dr. would most likely send me home. She came back a little later very surprised and said "go walk for an hour then come back and we're having a baby"
I did as I was told and we were admitted a little after 3:am. My I.V. and pitocin were started a little after 4:am and I was a dilated to a small 5 and at a -3 position
(-3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 delivery).
Well 9 1/2 hours later I was dilated to a large 5 and at a -2 position. The nurses let me know that at this rate I would most likely have a c-section, but they were going to call the Dr. and see what she would like to do.

At 12:45 the nurse came back after talking to the Dr. and said "The Dr. said this is normal for you and that she wants to wait for a couple more hours and see what you do". She checked me and there was no difference then went to do some paperwork. After 10 minutes she came in and said the baby had had a "variation" which can mean that there has been a sudden position drop. Hoping more than believing she checked me again. I was dilated to a large eight and at a +1. She was shocked so were we.

She rolled me to my other side and the baby had a variation with the next contraction (2 minutes later) so she rolled me to my other side and the same thing happened. She decided to check me again and I was now dilated to a 10 and at a +3. Now she was really shocked and ran to call my Dr. and tell her to get there NOW!!!!

The Dr. got there in record time and literally RAN from her car (parked in a red zone Nick noticed) and within 6 pushes........

Wyatt Reynolds Jones was born June 11, 2008
1:43pm 7.2 lbs 20in.
and lots of DARK hair.
He passed all the "early baby" test with flying colors and we are all happily resting at home. We love you all and thank you for your support (and Kevin loves opening baby gifts!!!!)
Check back soon and I will have a lot more pictures of him for your viewing pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Totally awesome bunn-a-roo!!! As a matter of fact I think Wyatt J is my most favorite fifth grandson who lived...

Congradulations to both you and Nick!!! and just think, you and Nick won't be so lonely now 'cuz Kevin still stays at the castle when your new home is finished ;)

Emily said...

Yep, from what I can see he's a Mortensen baby for sure! That second picture of him is totally Esther.

What an adorable sweet baby.
You guys make such cute ones.
Glad that everything went well. And that you guys are home safe and sound.

We are all excited to meet the newest member of the fam. Myra can hardly wait, and has been cursing her blasted sore throat. She has been doubling up on her juice and healthy food hoping that she will be able to see him tomorrow.

Love you guys!

PS Bun, you look fabulous in picture #4. Like you've just been through the salon, not childbirth. WOW! You're amazing!!

Emily said...

Ooops. I mean the third picture of him...That's the one that has Esther written all over it!!

AnnDee said...

Congrats you two! I am so happy, and can't believe how early he was. I look forward to more pics, and I really hope you might come up sometime soon! Love you tons!