Sunday, July 27, 2008

24th of July

We went to Emery for the 24th of July celebration/family reunion. We had so much fun playing with cousins, watching the parade, chasing candy and just relaxing in the cool weather. There are so many pictures from the weekend so I chose just our favorite ones.

(This was done with sparklers and my slow shutter release on my camera)
We love hanging out with family. And having good 'ol fashioned fun. Here is a video of Nick participating in one of the many fun games we played.

We are looking forward to the 24th celebration for many years to come. It is one of the best times we have during the summer.


Emily said...

Your pictures are amazing girlfriend!!

And I cannot stop laughing every time I even think about Nick and the dizzy race. Watching it nearly makes me wet myself! :) That was sooooooo sooooo funny!!

Thanks for posting it!!

The Comeau Family said...

Hey, thanks for coming to visit. It really meant alot. I have actually been struggling with home sickness and it was really nice to have you guys here for a little bit. Next time, we are totally going to have to make you guys dinner. We love having people over for dinner!

Anonymous said...

Nick was so funny, he just couldn't get undizzy! I have played that game before only we weren't on the grass. I shutter to think what Nicks face would look like had we played in the dirt! The weekend was short but fun. The weather was great, the food was great and the company the best. Thanks to all who came and made such a nice reunion. Thanks to Nick for the entertainment! I promise to get it together for next hear and we will be in the parade. Sorry Myra, next year for sure. Great photo's Bun as always. Those are sure some pretty babies. Love Grandma Castle