Thursday, July 17, 2008

The BIGGEST beetle ever!!!

So the other evening we were all out on the driveway watching Daddy clean up and organize the garage. We had the hose turned on a trickle so Kevin could play in the water. I looked over at him walking backwards right before he stepped on this

I screamed and Nick came running over. It was 4 inches long easy with these Big long antennas on top of that!!! When he saw it was just a beetle he scolded me for scaring him like that over a bug. However, he wasn't so brave himself when he had to scoop it up and get rid of it.

These are pictures of it after Nick took it across the street and placed it in the empty lot. You would have to know my husband! He won't let me kill a spider in the house. He has to spend 20 min. catching it so he can let it go outside. This Beetle wasn't "hurting" us so we should let it be.

This rule applies to Scorpions, Ants, Beetles, Spiders, anything!!!! I would have smashed the bug with the biggest rock I could find so he wouldn't attack my children and carry them off during the night. But thanx to my "They are God's creatures too" Husband I just know I am going to awake sometime and that HUGE BUG is going to be staring me in the face!!!!!!


Brittany & Gary said...

Lol! That is too funny about your husband! That beetle is huge and ugly. I wouldn't have thought twice about smashing it. I'd be worried to let it roam, knowing it could come back and visit.

Emily said...

Yikes, you weren't just a kiddin', that thing is huge!

Yeah, I'm with Brittany...I would have smashed it, but not with my shoe...with a long, long pole!

Love ya, Em

Brittany & Gary said...

Esther you should have smashed it because that beetle with it's long legs made it down to my work! One of the guy employees found it outside and thought it would be fun to catch. He thought it would be even funnier to scare me with it! I walked out of the office to find Mr. Beetle crawling across my store counter! Alas I could not kill it either because the dude scooped it up and away before I could drop a big book on it. Tell your husband that his actions effect other people and he should be more considerate. :) hehe