Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 8th of July

Okay, so I know it isn't the 4th or the 5th and these pics are a little late, but hey......
Daddy had to work the 4th so Kevin, Wyatt and I got all dressed up in the cute clothes Grandma Castle bought and went to hang out with family.
We had a fun time hanging out with our Villezcas cousins and laughing at Aunty Moki's "booty dance"
Wyatt wasn't very happy about being smothered by Jacob, but Jackers loved it.
We parked outside the fairgrounds so we didn't have to fight the crowds. Kevin was laughing and playing and having a great time waiting for the fireworks to start.
Right after the first couple blasts went off Kevin crawled onto Aunty Moki's lap.
He wasn't very happy but we figured he didn't appreciate the loud BANGS!!!
After a couple more colorful burst he wanted Grandma. So onto Grandma's lap he climbed. He had just sat down on her lap when he leaned forward and threw up a bunch of liquid!!!!
We have no idea why he threw up, but after that he just laid on Grandma's or on My lap for the rest of the Firework show. We came home and he went straight to bed and there hasn't been a problem since.
I'm guessing it was the 5 minute flu and we don't have to worry about it anymore. The fireworks were beautiful despite the drama and we had a great 4th of July
We are so blessed to live in America and we are not only grateful for the men and women who have served and died for our right to freedom, but we are also proud of the men and women who serve now to protect us everyday!

God Bless America


Emily said...

Those are some super cute little guys!! I'm glad the throw-ups only lasted 5 minutes...that's doable.

Glad you guys had a happy 4th. Someday...I will blog about our 4th of July activities...hopefully by next July?! ;)

Have a good one!!

P.S.Your pictures are super!!

The Comeau Family said...

Happy Belated 4th! We are so sad you guys couldn't make it to Delta but we are glad for the upgrade in life for you guys. Your pics are so cute. Rees is sitting on my lap and totally loves the pictures of Wyatt. Every time he sees one, he laughs and lunges for the screen. AWWEEE our boys are buddies already!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures. The great thing about Kevin throwing up was that I was so wet that it was much cooler for the remainder of the fireworks! The kids all looked cute in their RED, WHITE, & BLUE! The big kids too. Thanks for making it so fun. Love Grandma Castle