Thursday, July 31, 2008


We went on up to SLC after our weekend in Emery and stayed at Auntie Julie's house for a couple days. While we were there Cory and Courtney (my cousin and wife) came to visit and we got to see their little girl who was born about 4 weeks after Wyatt (close to when he SHOULD have been born) She is soo tiny compared to our big chunk and she is only the weight he was when he was born!!!!
Last year when we were up in SLC we went to the Hogle Zoo, but it was a holiday and they had a special discount price to get into the park so it was PACKED!!!! We could hardly get close enough to the exibits to see the animals. We just looked at the BIG ones like elephants because we could see them from far away.
This year wasn't as crowded. We were originally going to go swimming but when we woke up it was cloudy and a little cool so we decided to try the Zoo again.
It was PERFECT! It wasn't sunny, or hot and there was no one there!!! We could play on all the statues, see ALL the animals, big and small, and we were able to let Kevin just run around after Daddy and explore.
He loved looking at all the animals and would wave and yell "BYE!" when we would walk away from each one. Wyatt slept through the entire zoo experience, but Kevin had enough fun for the both of them.
I would get a little queasy when Nick would pick Kevin up to "Look over" the edge at some of the animals i.e. Bears, Tiger, etc.....I could just imagine him falling and me jumping in after. So I "Kindly" reminded Nick at EVERY "look over" spot to keep a "VERY TIGHT GRIP!!!!"
Kevin RAN around the ENTIRE zoo. I kept his juice filled and Daddy pointed everything out. The only time he sat in the stroller was from the front gate to the car. We decided to go home and take a quick nap before going to visit family in the area. Kevin took a 41/2 hour nap and we missed the visiting family part.
Kevin loves animals and we love watching him explore and enjoy his surroundings. We decided that we are saving our GAS MONEY now so that we can take him to the San Diego Zoo and Maybe Sea World next summer!!
Nick's Favorite Animal
(he thought the buck teeth were hillarious)
My favorite Animal
(no "look over" to see and not threatning)
Kevin's favorite animal
(can't remember what it is but it's not a cat)

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Greg and Mel said...

Hey Esther, its Mel! I just wanted to say that you take AWESOME pictures!! What kind of camera do you use and do you use photoshop?? All of the pictures are so cute!