Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fishing....Sort of

Nick has had the last 2 weeks off. While 99% of the time has been us un-packing and trying to organize, 1% was spent doing fun things like feeding the carp. We didn't want to drive all the way to Echo Bay so we thought we would see if there were and fish left at Overton beach......there aren't. The water wasn't even to Overton Beach. It has gone down more than I thought.

We talked about doing it a different day since it had started to sprinkle. Nick said it wouldn't be raining at Echo Bay so off we went. He was right,the closer to Echo Bay we got the less rain there was. However, as soon as our eager feet hit the Dock........Downpour (logandale style).
Luckily where they park the boats you can rent was covered and a boat was missing from one of the slots. Funny thing is that we didn't have to chum any of the fish. As soon as we hit the dock, fish just started following us!!! It kind of felt like "the birds" but a little different.
Kevin was a little afraid of the fish at first and wouldn't get close. Heck I was a little afraid of the fish, they were Huge!!! Those suckers have been fed very well, very often. Daddy sat next to him and soon he was throwing bread as fast as he could.
When the fish would make a Big splash right in front of him he would jump, but then Daddy would laugh and so would he. Wyatt of course slept through the entire thing and I took pictures and prayed the dock wouldn't sink
(fear of water I can't see through to watch for Sharks!!! I know stupid, but very real)
We fed 2 loaves to the fish in the blink of an eye and it was time to go. The rain let up a little bit and we dashed to the car. We decided that next time we are going to buy 2 huge bags of popcorn for cheap at Lins so that Kevin can't throw in full slices and it will last a little longer. we are very Sad that Daddy goes back to work today, but we are really looking forward to the weekend!


Emily said...

Oh Wow, Bun! This is a super cool post. I love these pictures.

I, too, almost blow chunks every time one of my kids gets close to the edge of deep water. Especially when it is chalk full of huge fish.

The Castle Carrage said...

Very cute! I miss the old days when we used to haul ourselves out most weekends to feed the fish. They are probably the same ones! Love Mom

Meka said...

Thanks for remembering my birthday!
I love feeding the fish! It's crazy how many come around and they do that little sucky thing at the top.