Sunday, August 10, 2008

Park Play

Now that Daddy works swing shift and sleeps in until 10:30-11:am and the boys and I get up around 6:30-7:am. We have a lot of "quiet time" in the mornings if we stay in the house. Well Kevin gets clastrophobic if he has to stay inside for too long and gets really cranky!
So I have been trying to go outside for about an hour everyday after breakfast. We have a little pool set up on the back porch that he plays in. Or I turn on the hose and just let him do whatever on the driveway. Most of the time we head to the park.
It is actually very hot around 8:30-9:ish when we go but Kevin doesn't seem to mind. He slides down the slide runs around to the stairs climbs through the tunnel and goes down the slide again. He loves digging in the dirt and swinging.
His shoes get kicked off first thing and off he goes until I drag him to the car. Wyatt and I find a nice spot in the shade and watch him wear all of us out!! After his face turns so red it almost starts glowing I take him home, turn on a movie and put about 4 juices/waters (not to mention the 2-3 he had at the park) in front of him, while I make lunch.
The best part of this ritual isn't that Nick gets un-interupted sleep or that Kevin gets to exercise and have outside time. It's the very selffish fact that when noon rolls around and I put Kevin in bed. 1. he does not fight me and 2. he sleeps at least 3 hours if not 4!!!


Emily said...

Hooray for long naps. Life would be most dangerous without them. And as always cute cute pictures!!

Love your sidebar! Love that Nick is joining blog world. His story was hilariously fabulous! Tell him I loved it...and tell him to keep it up! I love your little stepping stones! You're doing grand!!

Love, Em

Anonymous said...

Hi! We love you,